Familia Blanco Sauvignon Blanc


It is the result of the best care this grapevine could have. Classic, with a French profile, grapes harvested in three different stages to cover a wide range of aromas, textures and flavors. Fermented in barrels and then 12-month-aging in French oak barrels. Due to its acidity, type of elaboration and quality of its grapes, the aging potential can perfectly exceed 7 years. It is characterized by its strong beginning in mouth that nourishes palate with flavor and has a long and complex finish. The characteristic acidity of the Sauvignon Blanc is balanced by the unctuousness provided by the fermentation in barrel. Definitely it is a varietal for unique occasions.

In recognition to excellence, this exponent of Familia Blanco, was awarded as Best Argentine White Wine at the White Wine Wave 2018. That same year got 92 points at Tim Atkin.


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