Familia Blanco Wines


We are Mendocinean viticulturists with strong Spanish roots, which for three generations have been dedicated  to the labor of the land, resulting in the magnificent combination of man and the fruits of our efforts.

Since the 80s, Gabriel and Monica, decided to actively engage with the ancient tradition of getting the best from the land, and since 2005 our old dream of having in the bottle all the efforts done in the vineyards became a reality.

'Mairena Wines: Just like children, wines are raised with patience and love; this wine was given our favourite name for a daughter, along with a face and life'.
Today, along with their five children (Gabriel, Ivana, Rocío, Álvaro and Lucía), the Blanco Family puts its best effort into producing their wine lines, from taking care of growing the grapes in the vineyards, to winemaking and marketing.

The challenge is to translate our enthusiasm, effort and talent, into unique wines that reflect the varietal character from our land (Ugarteche-Lujan de Cuyo-Mendoza), satisfying the strictest palates and performing to the highest quality standards.